Backyard BBQ Amsterdam provides tailor-made 1-on-1 services to novice BBQ enthusiasts or BBQers with some experience who have specific questions or need specific support.

Unlike many BBQ sites, this website is not a source of BBQ recipes or BBQ techniques; such sites are already abundant in many forms. Also, Backyard BBQ Amsterdam does not offer massive commercial BBQ workshops or BBQ catering; such providers are also fairly easy to find online.

Backyard BBQ Amsterdam focuses mainly on people with their own Backyard and their own BBQ (or need to purchase one), who would like to be helped quickly and efficiently with their (new) hobby. Backyard BBQ Amsterdam is happy to be engaged by people with specific questions or a specific need for support in their backyard during a private BBQ session or at a small-scale event / party in the private sphere.  


  • help with the purchase and use of BBQs, accessories, meat, herbs, rubs, marinades etc.
  • 1-on-1 help with carrying out that one BBQ recipe that doesn't work or that you don't want to do but would like to master.
  • help during your first BBQ party for family and friends, where on the one hand you want to show your own skills, but on the other hand you do not want to / can keep an eye on your BBQ all evening.
  • help with a small-scale, informal BBQ afternoon / evening with friends where there is an exchange of knowledge about recipes and techniques, without there being a formal workshop according to a fixed program or theme.
  • help with all other questions or need support in the BBQ area.