About Me

Backyard BBQ Amsterdam started from an Amsterdam backyard. After years of living in an apartment with a balcony, a move to a one-family house with a spacious garden in 2012 was the starting point of a hobby that has since taken on semi-professional forms.

After having immersed myself in various BBQ techniques in the first years and mainly presenting the results to family and friends, the need gradually arose to do 'more' with the knowledge gained. 

Initially, this need took shape through the creation of an Instagram account and a Facebook page. Not much later, assisted professional pit masters at BBQ workshops and provided advice and support to individuals on the purchase and use of their recently purchased BBQ.

Backyard BBQ Amsterdam now supplies tailor-made 1-on-1 services to BBQ enthusiasts. In addition, Backyard BBQ specializes in the so-called kettle bbqs and smokers of Weber and related brands.